GiliSoft File Lock Pro 2016 Download

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is really a software tool that helps people hide information and protect their documents, directories and partitioning from reading or composing.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 2016 Download
Throughout the installation procedure, you need to develop a master password and supply your e-mail tackle, to be able to make certain no one can improve your settings and get notifications. Still you need to know the actual passkey can be transformed at any point along with a mail message could be sent to a person when this occurs.

The actual GiliSoft File Lock Pro interface comprises of the navigation panel, that enables you to accessibility all the possibilities in a more effective manner, along with a pane where one can view information.

Documents, folders and turns can be hidden from all other users, simply by selecting them and clicking the actual “Hide Files” switch. Batch processing is actually integrated, along with the “drag as well as drop” function. They are very useful functions, as they allow you to manage your own files faster. The procedure is similar whenever trying to deny reading through or writing definitely files.

This particular software program GiliSoft File Lock Pro makes a shell menu access, which allows you to perform all of the actions described over, along with password-protect folders, encrypt this an EXE as well as safely delete it through the pc.

Through the settings screen of GiliSoft File Lock Pro, you are able to suspend your account for 10 minutes or automatically deliver a notification for your e-mail once the wrong learn passkey have been joined for more than 5 fold. In addition to that, you are able to create an leave out list, disable covering menu and hide the actual utility from the desktop computer, start menu as well as quick hyperlink.

To conclude, GiliSoft Document Lock Pro is really a useful computer software for individuals looking to safeguard important or sensitive info from prying eye. Will not require numerous system resources and also the environment is feature rich and user-friendly.
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