2017 Method: How to use CCleaner to speed up your PC

CCleaner: On the most popular free-ware cleaner globally with more than 1 billion downloads as its launch in the year 2003. CCleaner Free is really a fast and simple to make use of program that makes your computer quicker, more secure and much more dependable. CCleaner removes cookies, temporary files as well as various other unused information that clogs improve operating-system. This opens up valuable hard drive space allowing the body to run quicker. Removing this information also protects your being anonymous meaning you can search online more safely.

The Faster Pc

Browsing the web your computer covers many different unneeded files, cookies as well as history. Exactly the same thing occurs you run the majority of programs on your pc – plenty of temporary files as well as settings are stored. CCleaner Free Download removes these types of unused files and configurations to free up useful hard drive area, enabling the body to run quicker.

Better Searching

Advertisers as well as websites track your behavior online with cookies. Saved security passwords, cached data as well as internet histories choose a identity less safe. CCleaner removes these types of files to make your own browsing experience private, meaning you might be less likely to identity fraud and/or online scams. The military quality Drive Wiper ensures any kind of data you would like to be completely deleted, stays removed.

Customisable Cleansing

Download CCleaner Resources and Options tabs enable you to customise cleansing options to suit your requirements. Or else an experienced user, you might like to stay with the safe arrears settings. Advanced customers can uninstall unwanted applications, select which biscuits to save, personalize cleaning settings and set up system checking.


CCleaner offers earned its position towards the top of the actual freeware cleaners offering the type of features high quality programs struggle to contend with. The thoroughly clean, intuitive UI can make it among the easiest applications to use, but do not let its dimension and simplicity fool a person. This can be a powerful power for improving your computer systems performance. Piriform’s normal update process indicates CCleaner is constantly enhancing and its popularity will certainly continue to develop.
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