Mad Skills Motocross 2 review

Mad Skills Motocross 2 may be the long-awaited sequel to 1 of my personal favorite mobile racing video games ever, bringing tougher 2D motocross race. But this time through, a person invest a cent; Mad Skills Motocross 2 is really a freemium video game, and also the in-app purchase product stays from your way so long as you possess "mad skills.

Not for your casual game lover, this racing video game is all about accuracy and going for an ideal run, if you possess the patience, you are able to beat the video game without using any kind of in-app purchases. With that in mind, people who need a benefit can get this if they wish to spend and take note money.
The difficulties (and purchase opportunities) arrive quickly

Although the early races tend to be manageable even with several mistakes, keep in mind that take well before you will need to get nearly perfect runs to be able to beat your own opponents. You are able to either gut it and play with the races or spend to update.

The actual tracks are separated in to three difficulty levels through novice to professional. You will need to complete the majority of the backrounds from the novice degree in order to open up the intermediate songs, and then complete most of the advanced tracks to open the actual expert level. However the problem is the particular novice tracks can be quite hard, and your competitors improve their bikes while you attain higher amounts, so you will need to unlock brand new bikes just to maintain.

Competition against friends and also the globe

Mad Abilities Motocross 2 adds alternative ideas to play compared to original with the help of asynchronous multi-player in Multiplayer Jam setting. While you will not race other people instantly, likely to go head-to-head to players' "ghosts" to find out who is the very best speed.

Every week new tracks is going to be featured (for 7 days) and you'll need to battle the right path through the rates by beating others on the accessible tracks. In late the actual week, you can notice who was the very best for that 7 days, and you may see to rank among the finest on the planet.

If you wish to competition your friends, additionally you can connect the overall game with either Tweet or Facebook to fight it out to find out who has got the ideal.

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