Circa News, a free news app

Circa Information is a totally free news app which condenses top stories through the US and round the world in to brief, quick-read summaries to be able to stay in the loop for from the news whenever you only have a few minutes to extra.

This news team at the rear of Circa combs through pr campaigns, blogs, and brand new stories from major magazines to get the most important bits of info, including quotes as well as photos, then includes each tidbit right into a short post, called a story. You can stick to storylines to get up-dates on new developments as well as browse the news through categories, for example technology, as well as science and wellness.
Maintaining the very best tales

The application is divided into 6 news sections, using the top headlines within the first web page. Swipe left or even right to mention news through the United states of america, worldwide head lines, politics, technologies, and science as well as health. You may also jump straight to any section from the hidden menu which shows up whenever you swipe through the far left side of your display screen.


Circa is an easy app which makes it simple to find the most recent influential and substantial headlines, and obtain the main facts from so I do not have to plough through too many information. Its simple style makes it a enjoyment to use, as well as its helpful hints direct you through every function.

In addition, Circa's real-time information alerts can be hugely valuable simply because they push the most crucial news for your phone to remain you updated along with new developments from tales that you personally worry about.

Like a news author, the concept brief summaries may someday overcome the longer stories We write doesn't thrill me personally, but I nevertheless see a large amount of value within Circa. In case, like me personally, you get confused with the quantity of news coming toward you from TV shows, news websites, and social networking, Circa is an excellent free device to get your information fast and get upon with your time.

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