Samsung Galaxy Mega Review

System, Call quality, and Bloatware
The Galaxy Mega runs upon Sprint's 3G CDMA system, but more significantly, it's one of the primary group of phones to aid the newly struck, tri-band Ignite LTE network. At this time coverage is restricted to just a number areas, but where it really is available, all of us saw download speeds around 30Mbps straight down and 20Mbps upward, which is outstanding. That was utilizing the HTC One Maximum, though; the actual Galaxy Mega completed a good 10-12Mbps, however didn't see quite because dramatic a rise in rates of speed. It's still certainly a plus for Super owners and Sprint guarantees more coverage as well as faster speeds over the following year. Also onboard tend to be dual band 802. 11b/g/n Bluetooth 4.0.

 Samsung Galaxy Mega

We tested call quality within New york. Like the majority of modern Samsung Galaxy phones, mega is an excellent gadget for voice-calls. Volume within the earpiece gets nice loud, whilst voices sound clear as well as natural. Transmissions with the mic were full and simple to listen to, though they were doing have a minor trebly edge which verged on harsh sometimes. Reception had been good, using the Mega very easily latching onto Sprint's developing LTE network wherever accessible. In our assessments, the Galaxy Mega's 3200mAh battery had been good for 18 hrs, 37 minutes associated with continuous talk period.

From the package, the Galaxy Mega has 11GB associated with free internal storage space. There's a great heaping of bloatware right here, but luckily the majority of it really is uninstallable, such as pretty worthless Sprint media stores and applications like eBay or CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS Sports. The Run Zone account managing application can't be eliminated, and some irritating apps such as the Lumen Toolbar, that aggregates a bar associated with shortcuts to the bottom part of the default internet browser, that also can not be eliminated.

In the large phablet space, the Galaxy Mega has some serious competitors thanks to the THE NEW HTC One Max, Xperia Z , and nokia Lumia 1520. All offer sharper shows, more powerful cpus, and high-end styles, which can be more expensive than two times as much since the Galaxy Mega as well as none of them truly make a compelling discussion for their giant types. Our favorite silver screen phone remains the actual Samsung Galaxy Note three, for its outstanding multitasking and stylus functions, but if all you need is actually moar phone and wish to avoid wasting cash, the actual Mega is still a good absurdly awesome, remarkably affordable big-screen choice.

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