Samsung Ativ SE Review

Style, Functions, and call Quality
Besides the Windows brand and faux-brushed-metal complete, there's little to tell apart the Ativ SE from the Galaxy S4. It's gradually taller, heavier, and weightier (5. 42 through 2 . 75 through 0. 33 ins and 4.79 ounces), but it can more manageable compared to Lumia Symbol (5. 39 through 2 . 79 through 0. 39 ins and 5. 86 ounces). I'm ripped within the faux-metal finish-it appears better than standard shiny plastic and is relatively convincing, however the brushed lines appear tacky next to the actual metal within the Icon. The actual flexible back peels away easily, revealing the actual SIM and sd card slots and detachable 2, 600 mAh battery. Microsoft nixed the actual dedicated camera button necessity, but it's nevertheless worth noting that this Ativ SE does not have a physical shutter switch.

Samsung Ativ SE

The actual 5-inch, 1080p Extremely AMOLED display is similar to the one located on the S4. It can impeccably sharp (441ppi) and it has outstanding comparison, but goes along with the same disadvantages since the S4's. Colour accuracy is definately not perfect, using the typical oversaturation as well as bluish cast associated with AMOLED. There is option to melody color temperature want possibly, which you obtain with the Lumia Symbol. The display can also be slightly dimmer compared to Icon's, that makes using the cell phone in bright outdoor lighting a bit hard.

The actual Ativ SE facilitates Verizon's CDMA/1xEVDO Add some opuch. A (800/1900MHz) as well as LTE (700/1700MHz) systems, which means quicker speeds on the recently christened XLTE music group. I tested within an area along with XLTE (also referred to as AWS LTE) as well as saw speeds that proportioned 21Mbps down as well as 11Mbps up, that is excellent. Contact quality was also generally excellent in my assessments, to be anticipated given the actual S4's call quality power. Volume within the earpiece gets a lot loud and voices stay clear and easy to comprehend, even in maximum volume. Feeds through the mic audio natural, and sound cancellation worked well inside my tests. Regrettably, there are absolutely no options for personalizing requirements profile for phone calls, which is among the S4's greatest hidden features. Inside my tests, the actual Ativ SE lasted with regard to 8 hours, thirty-one minutes of continuous speak time, that is on the brief side compared with the actual 14 hours, forty seven minutes of the Symbol. Anecdotally, although, I found the actual Ativ SE to get sufficient battery-life for a complete day of moderate utilization, and standby electric battery draw was pretty minimum.

Dual band 802. 11b/g/n/ac Wi fi, Bluetooth 3.0, as well as NFC round out the actual connectivity options. The actual Ativ SE had absolutely no issue connecting in order to 5GHz wireless networks within our labs and simply paired with a time by Jawbone Wireless bluetooth head-set.

Overall performance and Windows phone
The actual Ativ SE comes with the quad-core 2.3 ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2GB associated with RAM. This is a newer, quicker chip compared to Snapdragon 600 within last year's S4 and par using the Snapdragon 800 running the Lumia Symbol. Windows Phone is actually efficient enough to create even low-end equipment feel fast, therefore it is no surprise that this Ativ SE experienced absolutely spritely. The one thing holding this back, it appears, would be the exaggerated animations associated with Windows Phone by itself. Games like Concrete 8 ran with équilibre and the Ativ ZE notched a remarkable 519. 1ms within the SunSpider JavaScript standard. You won't observe any difference performance-wise between Ativ SE as well as Lumia Symbol.

Coming from already covered Windows phone 8 thorough, so visit that evaluation for the full explanation. One of Home windows Phone's greatest strengths is actually its uniformity: I think and functions similar to the way in each handset. Which means no mucking regarding by Samsung or even Verizon, apart from a number pre-installed, but easily un-installed apps. Samsung consists of some useful apps such as Ativ Beam with regard to NFC transfers as well as WatchOn for utilizing the built-in IR - blaster to control your house theater gear. Verizon includes the usual array of useless apps, such as VZ Navigator as well as Verizon Tones. You are able to download Nokia applications like Here Maps here Transit, however, you don't get entry to the excellent Htc Camera or the lens that go with this. In addition to that, you receive the same cellular Office suite, Xbox 360 media stores, as well as heavy integration of Ms services like Outlook email and One Drive fog up storage. From the 16GB of inner storage, eleven. 96GB can be obtained to users from the package, and our own 64GB SanDisk sd card worked fine with regard to expansion reasons.

Digital camera and Conclusions
The actual 13-megapixel rear-facing as well as 2-megapixel front-facing cameras are similar to the sensors located on the S4. Picture quality is largely similar, with sharp information and pixels to extra for cropping following the fact. Within good light, the actual Ativ SE goes feet to toe using the Lumia Symbol, but in little light, the Symbol pulls way forward. In my assessments, the Ativ SE produced usable, however grainy and frequently soft-looking photos along with skewed colors. The actual Icon captured greater detail and brighter pictures without adding much sound. Video tops away at 1080p and usually looks great. There's no dvd stabilization, but points don't get overly unstable, and frame prices hold steady in 30fps.

Although not a Galaxy within name, the Option to SE embodies exactly the same Galaxy-like sensibilities which make Samsung's phones a popular choice on the Google android side. It will get most things mostly correct, but it does not possess the same talent as its Windows seven phone brethren. There is flashy camera technology or stunning style. Instead, this nails down the basic principles, just like a thin-and-light style, high-quality screen, and flexibility by means of the removable battery and sd card slot. All of us still prefer the Htc Lumia Icon, although, thanks to the good looks as well as industry-leading camera, as well as Verizon has discounted this to just $99 having a two-year agreement. The Ativ SE is an excellent, in case uninspired Windows phone, but does not distinguish itself such as the Icon or some other unique Windows Phone choices. If you're not really set on Windows phone, the Galaxy S5 $99. 99 in Amazon is the present Android king upon Verizon Wireless, as the Iphone 5s still supports well.
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