HP Chromebook 11 (Verizon LTE) Review

Style and Features
Typically, the actual LTE-equipped HEWLETT PACKARD Chromebook 11 $299. 00 in best case Buy is similar to the model all of us reviewed back in Oct associated with 2013. HP's little Chromebook now boasts a pair of the distinctive functions seen within the high-priced proof-of-concept Search engines Chromebook -pixel (64GB, LTE)$1, 899. 00 in Amazon. The very first is the delicate Google-colored light bar arranged into the cover, which glows to point the device is actually powered on. The 2nd, a new comer to this specific product, is the 4-G LTE modem, that lets you make Internet-dependent Chromebook past the boundaries of the Wi-Fi protection.

HP Chromebook 11

The style and construction from the laptop also appears good, having a magnesium alloy framework clad in glossy white-colored plastic. The shiny exterior and lightweight (yet stable) inside frame cause a chassis which reminiscent of excellent enamelware as opposed to the cheap plastic material seen in netbook computers. The white outside is accented having a stripe of colour around the keyboard as well as matching rubber feet at the bottom from the system. Our own review unit included blue features, you could obtain the Chromebook 11 out of all colors from the Google range: blue, red-colored, yellow, as well as eco-friendly.

Another unique feature from the Chromebook 11 may be the power phone chrgr, which utilizes a microUSB connection, much like your own smartphone or pill. It's worth talking about that the initial operate of the Chromebook eleven did have faulty garnirs, but the issue there has been set, and any HEWLETT PACKARD Chromebook 11 purchased right after December associated with 2013 (including almost all LTE-equipped models) must have nothing to be worried about.

HP Chromebook 11

Besides the getting port, the actual Chromebook 11 comes with two UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS 2 . 0 slots and a combination head-phone and microphone jack port. There's no HIGH DEF output, however the microUSB port—the exact same one used for getting the laptop—also facilitates SlimPort, which could output video in order to HDMI via a SlimPort tilpasningsstykke. The Chromebook eleven is also built with dual band 802. 11n Bluetooth 4.0 for wifi connectivity. Associated with pension transfer Chrome gadgets, the actual Chromebook 11 doesn't provide much nearby storage—only 16GB—but it can also include 100GB of totally free space within Google's G-Drive cloud storage space

Overall performance
The HEWLETT PACKARD Chromebook 11 is fitted with a Special Exynos 5250 processor—the exact same one 7GHz dual-core EQUIP processor found in both standard HEWLETT PACKARD Chromebook 11 and also the Samsung Chromebook Collection 3 (XE303C12)£199. 95 at Amazon. Associated with 2GB of MEMORY and 16GB of nearby flash storage, the actual processor is suitable to the light-weight Chrome OS. The little ARM processor does not require any cooling followers, so the style is a little more streamlined without any vents quietly or bottom part, and the electric battery is sealed within the chassis, permitting a slightly slimmer design. When examined in BrowserMark second . 0, the initial HP Chromebook 11 did fairly nicely, but when examined using the Verizon 4-G LTE connection—when a solid connection had been available—performance actually enhanced.

The HEWLETT PACKARD Chromebook eleven (Verizon LTE) takes every thing we love concerning the Chrome-OS family—low costed, Web-connected, very simple devices—and adds the liberty that only 4-G LTE can offer. A possibility a perfect remedy, naturally , but any kind of mobility provided by LTE is really a significant improvement more than past Chromebooks. Set this with wonderful features like a vibrant IPS display, a distinctive microUSB phone chrgr, along with a magnesium-reinforced style, and the HEWLETT PACKARD Chromebook eleven (Verizon LTE) may be the clear choice with regard to Editors' Option Chromebook, replacing the actual touch-capable Acer Chromebook C720P-2600. Actually taking into account the actual Acer's touch-capable screen, digging in LTE is really a far more persuasive addition towards the Chromebook, besides making the HEWLETT PACKARD Chromebook eleven (Verizon LTE) the very best inexpensive Chromebook however.
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