Dell Latitude E7440 Touch Review

Style and Features

The actual Latitude E7440 Touch$1,824.54 at Dell follows the style features we noticed earlier within the 12-inch Dell Lat. E7240 Touch $1,205.25 at Dell, that is essentially the shrunk down version from the Latitude E7440 Contact. Both systems utilize visible painted metal as well as carbon fiber construction to demonstrate strength. In comparison, the actual Lenovo ThinkPad T440s$999. 00 in Lenovo paints over the carbon fiber and metallic construction so the program resembles old Lenovo ThinkPad laptop computers. The ultrabook steps about 0.8 by 13.2 by 9.1 inches, just like the Lenovo T440s, as well as weighs an imperceptibly weightier 3. 85 lbs. It's notable that this Lenovo T440s features a smaller 13-inch display screen than the 14-inch screen on the Lat. E7440 Contact.
The Lat. E7440 Touch's features a traditional key pad, as opposed to the chiclet-style key pad found on other techniques like the Apple Macbook-pro 15-inch (2013) $1, 849. 99 in Amazon. Its keyboard counterpart has 4 amounts of brightness, and it is comfortable to make use of right from the start. Because of the anatomy's MIL-SPEC ruggedization, you may use the Lat. E7440 Touch in conditions that are very hot, cold, wet, or even within wind blown dirt. The keyboard is actually protected against some spillage, so the Lat. E7440 Touch is expecting almost anything your customers dish out, lacking active combat responsibility.

Dell Latitude

Overall performance
Dell Latitude E7440 Touch The Latitude  E7440 Touch we examined posseses an Intel Primary i5-4300U processor with incorporated Intel HD 4400 images, 4GB of -DDR3 memory, which 256GB SSD. This particular configuration is almost similar towards the Dell E7240 Contact, so it's no real surprise that both techniques performed similarly on this benchmark assessments. The Lat. E7440 Touch was quicker compared to Lenovo T440s upon some tests, however, not all. On this benchmark examination, the Lat. E7440 Touch had much the same performance to the former company ultrabook Editors' Option, the Dell Lat. 6430u $1, 297. 00 in Amazon. Which means that these techniques are perfectly fine for your kind of duties performed in a business business setting. If you want more specific multimedia and 3D overall performance, the HEWLETT PACKARD ZBook 14A$1, 469. 98 in eBay. net. au (our best pick for cellular workstations) and Apple Macbook-pro 15-inch (our desktop-replacement winner) tend to be similarly priced competitors. Note that the actual HP Zbook 14 as well as MacBook Pro both need specialized IT assistance, while the Lat. E7440 Touch is really a general corporate program with disk image as well as vPro assistance.

Dell Latitude

The actual Latitude E7440 Touch obtained 7 hours 44 moments on our battery explanation test, which outdone the Latitude 6430u (7: 40) just by a couple of minutes, providing both all-day work abilities. This really is squarely within the sweet spot between power-hungry HEWLETT PACKARD Zbook 14 (6: 28) and also the long-lasting Macbook-pro 15-inch (8: 52). The removable battery and prolonged battery options are a significant plus for your Latitude E7440 Contact.

The actual Dell Latitude E7440 Contact is somewhat pricey just below $2, 000, however we are speaking about a premier company ultrabook with sexual stamina, full THIS capabilities, along with a premium exterior complete as well. Using its touch screen as well as full ultrabook specifications, the Lat. E7440 Touch outpaces the actual Dell Lat. 6430u. Additionally, it has much more business-friendly features compared to Lenovo T440s, such as wireless dock assistance, exposed carbon fibre for a much more distinct appearance, conventional mouse buttons, HIGH DEF, and more storage space. All this makes the Latitude E7440 Contact our Editors' Choice for people who do buiness ultrabooks.
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