Comodo PC Tuneup Review

Program Requirements and User interface
Like some other tune-up utilities, Util PC Tuneup has measely system requirements. This demands just 32MB associated with RAM and 20MB associated with hard drive area, and additionally 32- and 64-bit variations for the Windows eight, Windows seven, Windows Windows vista, and Or windows 7 systems. After downloading it, installing, as well as launching Comodo PERSONAL COMPUTER Tuneup, you're given a clever, redesigned home display screen.

The actual interface is broken into two areas: a sidebar on the left hand side full of a number of system-cleaning choices, which, whenever clicked, you are able to activate in the primary content region. The brand new homescreen is definitely an evolution of Util Program Utilities' homescreen, and it is both attractive as well as practical.

Comodo discovered numerous registry problems, which is upon par with PC Resources Performance Toolkit.

The actual Clean-Up Process
Comodo discovered numerous registry problems, which is upon par with PC Resources Performance Toolkit. We tested Comodo PERSONAL COMPUTER Tuneup's ability to cleanup a PC through performing two tests-running the actual Geekbench system performance device, and measuring shoe times-before and after operating the Comodo application. Each test had been run three times and also the results proportioned.

Prior to Comodo scrubbed the device, the actual 2-GHz Intel Core-i7 X990 Style-Note laptop with 4GB of MEMORY, as well as 80GB Intel SSD booted accomplished a five, 914 Geekbench rating, and booted within 50. 2 secs. After using Util System Utilities, the actual GeekBench score improved to six, one hundred and fifty six (a score which was surpassed through SlimCleaner's six, 338). The actual notebook boot time reduced slightly to forty two. 4 secs, which is somewhat slower than SlimCleaner's forty one. 1 secs.

Along with running official tests, I additionally spent time utilizing the cleaned up program to see the particular experience is similar to. General post-Comodo system performance experienced snappier when opening i-tunes and Steam within the cleaned-up atmosphere.

A good Performer
Such as other tune-up resources, Comodo PERSONAL COMPUTER Tuneup will improve your own PC's performance, however it goes along with the added advantage of no installation limitations. It might possess PERSONAL COMPUTER Tools Performance Toolkits' heavy file recovery features or even SlimCleaner's effectiveness, however Comodo PC Tuneup is an extremely solid choice for those who may need customer care.
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