AVG Antivirus Free 2014 Review

Regarded as by many to become a world-leading software program product against all types of malware, the actual free version associated with AVG Antivirus offers fundamental PC protection plus some extra features to enhance safety and create users feel treated with regards to information corruption, loss or even fraud.

AVG Antivirus Free 2014 Review

Set up customization and third-party provides

Many elements are bundled within the package as well as them during installation automatically. Users might switch to custom set up mode to exclude any kind of unwanted modules with regards to e-mail, web browsing as well as identity protection (can become separately installed), together with extra different languages. Since it is actually ad-supported, AVG provides to install unnecessary thirdparty tools and make a few browser changes, however they can be overlooked with a little interest.

Comfy interface and multiple check settings

AVG retreats into the Windows 8 USER INTERFACE look with flat control keys while keeping the user interface neatly organized. The whole computer, detachable drives or custom documents and folders might be submitted for checking. Additionally it is possible to look for rootkits just, along with to rapidly scan selected documents, folders and turns via the Windows Manager context menu. Check tasks may be planned.

Arrears or customized tests

Just like expected from the self-respectable av item, AVG features a well-structured default settings to ensure first-time customers with optimal overall performance. Simultaneously, much more room for personalisation concerning the whole scanning behavior, an attribute sought by superior users. Settings could be altered with regards to automated virus removal, PUPPY and spyware reviews, tracking biscuits, records, heuristics, the device environment, heavy tests, rootkits, exclusions, scan pace, automatic PC arrĂȘt and file plug-ins, and others.

E-mail, web searching and identity safety

The e-mail protection module confirms incoming and emails for adware and spyware, and in addition it filters junk e-mail. It facilitates POP3, SMTP as well as IMAP protocols. On the internet browsing and network visitors are secured through LinkScanner, as the identity protection element monitors applications' conduct and immediately blocks any kind of suspicious programs that may lead to identification fraud.

Overall performance and bottom line

Because of the adjustable checking speed, users might enable fast scans which hog system sources, or decrease their own speed and spare MEMORY consumption. AVG Anti-virus Free delivers excellent results regarding pathogen detection ratio. Even though it is actually ad-supported, the device is among the minimum intrusive av products available, which is definitely valued by anyone.
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